Beh Final Project

Topics: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Marriage, Carl Jung Pages: 5 (1610 words) Published: March 27, 2013
Interview profile

Interview profile

Description of Interviewee
Name: Irina Dinova
Age: 26
Race: Asian
Marital Status: Married with two children

Irina is a 26 years Old Russian female; she is my sister- in-law, who I knew nine years ago after she married my brother. She has two children, and she works in retail as an overnight stocker. I had interviewed Irina on 11/30/2012 at 3:00 PM, by asking her multiple questions. The interview was as follows: 1. Do you remember information accurately by observing how a behavior is performed or read about how the behavior is performed?

Irina rather to learn from observing the behavior, she said that her behavior turned from good to bad, when she started socializing with a group of Indian girls at college. She observed them smoking, drinking, and even cheating on their men. As a result, Irina started smoking, drinking, and having multiple boyfriends. Now, Irina is addicted to smoking, and drinking caused by vicarious reinforcement and those were her Indian friends at college, who she does not socialize with now. Irina likewise shared another story which she learned from punishment. After she had gotten married at a young age (18 years old), she had conflict with the husband that resulted on their separation. She rented her own house along with her child, and had a strong friendship with an African American guy. Time pass and her relationship with her husband started establishing, but one day she was observed by her husband in the house with her friend. The husband automatically misunderstood and misjudged Irina, as he even wanted to suicide afterwards. After the incident, the husband had been admitted into the mental hospital for attempting to suicide. After a month, she got back with the husband, and as a result of her husband negative behavior and attitude toward the friendship with a man, she learned to avoid the possibility of a punishing consequence (avoidance training), by not making a friendship with a man. In the other hand, Irina did not like the way she learned through the above experience as it will be an unforgotten implicit memory because it had caused anxiety, embarrassment, and stress, instead she prefers to learn through operant conditioning (Irina Dinova, personal communication, November 30, 2012). 2. Do you prefer studying at the library, or at home with noisy background and distraction?

Irina said that she prefers learning in the library instead home with a noisy backgrounds and distraction. She mentioned that her attention is fully active while studying in a the library, which is a quiet place, but where there is a distraction, her attention drops to a lower level, as she does not remembers the material studied. Irina remembers information more accurately without any distraction that unable the information to be stored in the long term memory after rehearsed and stored by the short term memory (University of Phoenix, 2010). One thing she mentioned that she does forget some information because of proactive interference. Definitely, information related to her culture, tradition, and religion will be remembered for life (Irina Dinova, personal communication, November 30, 2012). 3. Are you willing to take the Myers Briggs test and report the results? If so, do you think the results are accurate? Why or why not?

Irina had taken the Myers Briggs test, and her results were ESTJ (Extroverted, Sensing. Thinking, Judging), and it stated that she is very responsible and pillar of strength (University of Phoenix, 2010). Irina agreed to the results of the test and she said that...
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