Beh 225 Week 4 Assignment

Topics: Problem solving, Thought, Psychology Pages: 2 (496 words) Published: October 19, 2012
Week 4 Assignment
Problem Solving Stimulation

At first when I was reading the situation thought about how easy this was going to be to figure out. So I immediately went to the next page and started at it and failed time after time. I thought in my head for a minute on how this seems impossible, no matter one of them is going to eat other. I did exactly what it says not to do when it comes to the first thing to do in interpreting a problem. The first step in solving a problem is called problem representation, which means interpreting or defining the by tempting to leap ahead and try to solve a problem just as it is presented, but this impulse often leads to poor solutions. What I should have done was to use divergent thinking or thinking that involves generating many different possible answers. By doing that it would have led to me thinking of all the different possibilities until I figured out which one was going to work. I knew that the dog and mouse could be left together that is called convergent thinking or thinking that narrows its focus in a particular direction.

So when trying to interpret the problem the strategy I used first was problem representation. After quickly learning that wasn’t going to work I tried convergent thinking. This helped me to figure out how this problem was going to work. I figured out that I was going to have to keep that cat with me since the cat can’t seem to be left alone with either two. It took me a while but sometimes it’s good to take the time to figure out and evaluate a problem before jumping right in and that is exactly what this assignment taught me.

I did encounter a few problems while trying to do this activity. I thought for a while how this might be impossible. I think that a lot of time the stress of a problem makes us to make careless mistakes. Also I felt as if this problem was going to simple which also caused me to have obstacles. When I was working through this process at first, like I said...
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