Beh 225 Final Project

Topics: Psychology, Personality psychology, Learning Pages: 4 (1479 words) Published: June 26, 2011
Interview Profile
BEH 225
Introduction to Behavioral Science

My interview profile was an evaluation of a 20 year old male where I compared and contrasted my own personality profile. During this interview, I noticed that we all have different attitudes and personalities that depend on how we are raised, environmental factors, experiences, and cultural beliefs.

I begin my interview by asking my interviewee basic information. His is a twenty year old guy who is interested in playing football, listening to the music, and surfing the internet. He is currently unemployed and waiting for his deployment as member of the army. He attended some colleges and someday would like to become a computer analyst. Some of his part time curriculum is being a DJ in some occasions. In comparing this towards my own personality, it is totally the opposite. I am a shy and timid lady who likes to cook and read informative articles and psychology related books. I prefer staying home most of the time and spend time with my family. By these dissimilarities, I can tell that most of our attitudes and personalities will be the opposites.

Our sensory register through different processes, it can by visual and auditory registry. Information can be accurately remembered by reading, watching or listening. My interviewee and I remember information by reading. Reading information I can more accurately register the information that I needed to remember. We might be only remembering a few sensory information of what we read in the whole context; but when we pay attention on what is important to be remembered in the context we are more likely to remember the information. Cognitive learning is a mental process that is not directly observable. These are the things that we observed that we are not aware that somehow we learn from what we just saw. There are many ways to learn, one of it is by observing things it can be from our social learning by observing...
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