Beginning with the End in Mind

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  • Published : July 24, 2012
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Beginning with the end in mind

First of all I would like to finish my studies and become a successful engineer from Mapua. I also want to have a work that will help me to support my siblings finish their studies and help my parents in our daily expenses. I want to have many friends that will make me laugh, help me if I'm down or even listen to my problems if I have some. Another thing is that I want to be a very good friend to them. If in the future I'll have a wife and children, I would like to be a best husband and a father that will take care of them and do all my responsibilities. Making my parents proud in what I achieved is what I wanted the most because they are the one who help me to attain what I have. They supported me financially to finish my studies even if working abroad to earn money for my schooling is very hard. They also taught me the difference between good and bad, and without them I am nothing. If my time has come, I hope that all the people I know will remember me as a good person. I know some will remember me for the wrong things that I have done, but what important is almost all them will remember me for all the good or positive things that I did. As for my friends, I would like them to remember as a happy, responsible, helpful, kind, humble, God-fearing person, and most of all a friend that they can always count on. For my parents, it's the same as what I want my friends to remember me. In addition to that, I want my parents to remember me as a good son that reached what they want me to become.

Ronald Glynghen T. Dulay
Section B-7
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