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Begining of Sociology

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MOD 1 Assignment
1. Who are the founders of Sociology according to this lecture? Briefly discuss each one. The two founders are Auguste Comte and Herbert Spencer. Comte lived in France right after the French revolution and was a positivist. By positivist, he believed that only true knowledge can be gained through your senses. The other founder, Spencer, was a student of Comte’s. He only studied with Comte, as that was how it was during that era. He would stop by the professor’s office and they would talk about whatever topics they were studying at the time. Comte might send him to go collect information and upon returning with it they would analyze it. This continued until they had gathered enough information to make statements about how our social world works. Although the two worked together, they both had different ideas about what Sociologist would be and do. The big difference between them was that Comte believed they should study society to better understand human groups but not intervene and Spencer believed that they should intervene to make things better. The two of them truly wanted to understand the problems of the times during which they lived.

2. What are the three paradigms of Sociology? What is a paradigm? Is it the same as a theory? Explain. The three paradigms of Sociology are Structural Functional Paradigm, Social Conflict Paradigm, and Symbolic Interaction Paradigm. A paradigm is a set of hypothesis about how the world functions. A paradigm is not the same as a theory. They can be similar to one another but a paradigm is an example of something and a theory is possible, but has yet to be proven.

3. Historically, what was going on at the time that Auguste Comte initiated the study of Sociology? How do you think these events influenced his choice of study? The Industrial Revolution was just beginning at the time Comte started the study of Sociology. In my opinion with all the changes that were going on due to the Industrial Revolution it...

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