Begin to Be Now What You Will Be Hereafter

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  • Published : September 8, 2012
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Quote: “Begin to be now what you will be hereafter.” William James . Begin to be now what you will be hereafter" is the William James' way of saying don't wait for some magic way to show up to get you to what you want to be. You have to do the work to get to you have no set targets when you have no aim in life? (to be continued based on one's own understanding on the subject and importance of goals and aims in one's life.) This topic means that if a person aims to become someone or pursue a field in future, he or she should start working on the same since day 1. As soon as one realises his or her choice of field in which he/she possesses talent or passion or interest, no moment should be lost for preparation to achieve that goal. Aims are the point of inspiration for a person, else there would be no specific reason for a person to work hard. Patience and perseverance always pay and thus, one should start walking on the path to be travelled in future. When are we called successful in our lives? Surely, when we achieve. What will you achieve if Everybody is at least the things, what the were, what they are, and what they want to become. The quote suggests that a person should take the first step or an other step toward theri goal. It's fairly common maxim. Sometimes it is said, the journey of a thousand steps begins with the first step. or If you don't have a dream, how will you have a dream come true? or Hide not your light under a bushel.

or Get up and go before your get up and go went."eBgin to be now what you will be hereafter" alludes to the fact that the decisions and actions we take now, in the present, are the foundation and spark of what we will be, and be doing in the future. It all begins with our thoughts and dreams. These typically motivate us to take action to reach a goal. Sometimes we consciously take action to realize a predetermined goal. This is what the line by William James is referring to. However, sometimes we take conscious actions...
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