Bege 101

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1.Give examples of literary and non-literary prose by citing examples from any source of your choice - 350 words (you may quote the source). 20

5. A LOW TEMPLE Arun Kolatkar

A low temple keeps its gods in the dark. You lend a matchbox to the priest One by one the gods come to light. Amused bronze. Smiling stone, Unsurprised. For the moment the length of a matchstick gesture after gesture revives and dies. Stance after lost stance is found and lost again, Who was that, you ask. The eight arm goddess, the priest replies. A sceptic match coughs. You can count. But she has eighteen, you protest. All the same she is still an eight arm goddess to the priest. You come out in the sun and light a eharminar. Children play on the back of the twenty foot tortoise.

i) Comment on the atmosphere of the poem
ii) What do you think is the difference in altitude between the priest and the narrator? iii) Discuss the title of the poem
iv) Use the following words in your own sentences in a figurative sense Light, smiling stones, eight arms goddess, in the dark, come to light

Write a passage using rhetorical devices on a person, idea or ideology. (300 words)

Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow:

A ripple of laughter ran from one corner of the room to the other. The oppressive air of discipline that swirled in with 1,atika.s entry, suddenly drained out. Karimuddin was a servant in the hostel. Stories of his laziness and shirking had been circulating among generations of students. Latika suddenly remembered something. Holding up her lamp she ran her eyes over the room. The girls sat in a circle, huddled against each other. Familiar faces all. But in the lamp's pale light it was as if something had changed. as if she was seeing them for the first time.

i) Who are the persons talked about in the passage
ii) Make sentences with the following in your own words Drained out. shirking, huddled, pale, ripple iii) Discuss the atmosphere as...
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