Before Sunrise

Topics: Human sexuality, Vienna, Reality Pages: 2 (437 words) Published: April 6, 2011
Before sunrise
They meet cute on a train in Austria, and striking up a conversation. He is an America with an Eurail pass on his way to Vienna to catch a cheap plane back home. She is French, a student returning to Paris after visiting her grandmother.

They go to the buffet car, drink some coffee, keep talking, and he come up with this crazy idea when the train arrive at Vienna: Why couldn’t she get off the train with him in Vienna and so they can be together until he catch the airplane. “Imagine, ten or twenty years later, when you married and trapped in endless boring life without passion, and you begin to think about the guys you met in your life, and I am one of them”, he convince her to disembark with him off the train.

He don’t have enough money for hotel, so they decide to wonder around in Vienna. A sexual attraction is obviously present with a little shyness when they listening CD in the small booth and trying to gaze each other but avoid eye contact. After visiting a few landmarks, they share a kiss at the Ferris Wheel in the intoxicating sunset and start to feel a romantic connection. They continue to roam around the city and begin to talk openly with each other, with conversations ranging from topics about parents, love, religion to their observation towards the city and life.

In a traditional Viennese café, they stage fake phone conversation with each other, playing each other’s friends, sharing feeling towards each other.
They admit their attraction to each other and how the night has made them feel, though both of them understand they may not meet again when they leave, so they decide to make best what the time they have left, ending the night with the implication of a sexual encounter between them.

The time to say good-bye finally comes, and they promise to meet again at the same place six months later and the story ends.
One of the most successful point in this film is that it is too realistic to be said as a film, everything is so...
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