Beethoven Informative Speech

Topics: Individualism, Romain Rolland, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Pages: 3 (732 words) Published: October 30, 2012
You have only to look at the familiar portraits of Beethoven; you can realize that he probably wasn’t the easiest of people to be with. Impressive, certainly; exciting, perhaps; but rarely cosy and good-natured. This might be the common impression about this talented composer. Ladies and gentlemen, in my today’s speech I’m going to inform you about Beethoven’s individualism with two parts. 1. How individualism spirit helps him to success

2. A controversial individualist /we can say his arrogant.

Beethoven is usually seen as an individualistic hero in the classical music world. There are many stories of how he did not take crap from the nobility. He removed Napoleon from his dedication of his third symphony after Napoleon declared himself to be royalty. He heard thunder on his death bed, raised up and shook a fist at it before expiring saying that I will take fate by the throat. And so on. Here, Individualist I mean is not in general context with any 地绕个derogatory sense, but Beethoven devoted himself to fighting for individual’s fate and freedom, personal dignity and equality.

As Beethoven said Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life. His individualism spirit also presented in his artworks, which have five specific features: passion, power, pride, freedom and independence, and makes him become one of the greatest composer in the world.

Stravinsky once said his individualism like this
: “Beethoven is the friend and contemporary of the French
Revolution, and he remained faithful to it even when, during the Jacobin dictatorship, [hju,mænɪ'tɛrɪən] humanitarians with weak nerves of the Schiller type turned from it, preferring to destroy tyrants on the dramatic stage with the help of cardboard swords. Beethoven, that ordinary genius, who proudly turned his back on emperors, princes and magnates - that is the Beethoven we love for his 因丢比特包indubitable optimism, his virile sadness, for the inspired sympathy of his struggle,...
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