Beethoven Fifth Symphony, First Movement

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  • Published : May 11, 2011
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Program notes are generally used as an element in the application of both classical and contemporary music. The purpose is to provide historical and background information on the piece and in some cases details about the composer. It also allows the audience to retrieve some sense of what to expect when listening to the work that is being offered.

The reaction that I received in regards to Beethoven Fifth Symphony, First Movement; was that I immediately noticed the very catchy but strong opening that was displayed in my ears. In the beginning it was as if there were knocking on a door or someone running through a dark corridor of some sort. Then later there was light, then heavy repetition that went on along different levels and style etiquette. The program notes allowed me to understand the piece just a little bit since I can not read music quite well. I did notice very briefly, the flats pattern that was orchestrated in the music. The specific details that was overlooked if I did not have read the description beforehand, was the strong inspiration of what Beethoven held during that era. It was as if he had a lot to say and it was started to build up inside.

If I were to described this piece in one word it would be “moving”. The reason for which is because it gives one a desire to become motivated. I would not have described this piece by Beethoven any differently. Mr. Downes' description of the message was very true and I agree 100 percent on his commentary. Beethoven conveyed this in a story platform, in my opinion, that creates unique imageries every time a spectator or critic were to listens to it.
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