Topics: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven, String quartet Pages: 3 (724 words) Published: March 1, 2013
Sergio Mendez
English 10
15 February 2013
Research Paper
While many men and women throughout history have made significant, valuable and lasting contributions to society, Ludwig Van Beethoven is an especially remarkable figure worthy of special note because he embraced and devoted his whole life to music. Born to a drunkard father and an unhappy mother, the young Beethoven was exposed to a brutal training in music at the hands of his father, who hoped that the young boy would prove to be another prodigy like Mozart. Ludwig Van Beethoven’s music set the 18th century Traditions and were shaped and molded because of the great composers Mozart and Haydn, who taught and raised him up in his musical capabilities (Ludwig Beethoven). Beethoven’s success was measured by his devotion, Beethoven dropped out of grade school by the age of ten to study music full time with Christian Gottlob Neefe. March 26, 1778 Beethoven performed his first piano recital at the age of seven; at the twelve years of age Beethoven published his first composition made up of Piano Variations (Ludwig Beethoven). Throughout the years Beethoven began to experiment with different styles and genres of music, the styles changes can be heard in his symphonies, String quartets, and Piano Sonatas. At a young age Beethoven requested to be an assistant court organist, because of his young age Court officials were hesitant but accepted him (Ludwig Van Beethoven). Through his young years of his life, it is clearly evident to how devoted and passionate he was when it came to music. Through the musical years and compositions of Ludwig Van Beethoven, Beethoven gave opening to his own dramatic musical voice. Through Beethoven’s adulthood he faced many trials and tribulations. But Beethoven always used his problems as a stepping stool to become stronger and better at whatever he did, and at the same time he was composing his great and memorable works, Beethoven was struggling with...
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