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MANUFACTURING OF BEER Overview: Kingfisher Beer
Kingfisher is one of the oldest, most widely recognized and respected brands in India. Ever since its inception, the brand has not only succeeded in guarding its numero uno status, but has also been able to evolve into one of the most contemporary and aspiration youth icons of today. It is the only brand in the category to successfully straddle the mild and the strong beer category of the country, together selling in excess of 68 mn cases. By being consistent in its brand promise of being the 'King of Good Times'. Translated, this means that the brand acts as a catalyst in making any moment truly exceptional and memorable. True to its positioning and the fun platform that it has consistently occupied, the brand's marketing initiatives have always been through sponsorships and associations with sports, fashion and fun events, transforming it into a true lifestyle brand. Nature of Production System: It is a mid volume and mid variety production system. Mainly Company worked on Process layout, line processing and fixed or static layout processing. Key Challenge:

* Bottling shortage
* Advertising Beerier
* Highly taxed
* Price Restriction
* Inadequate market infrastructure
* Capital beerier
* Competitor
* Water Supply
* Suppliers

Flow Chart:

Current Operations and Practice in Operation Management:
Current Operations in plant is they use celluler manufacturing and Hybrid layout. The plant has implemented the Quality Circle in all the functional areas and departments. Wherein meeting takes places between the members every two weeks. And they discuss any further scope for improvement in quality. The organization arranges for continuously learning the latest technological improvements in the related field, so that it is always competitive globally. Beer Brewing Process

Brewing beer
All beers are brewed using a process based on a simple formula. Key to the beer making process is malted grain, depending on the region traditionally barley, wheat or sometimes rye.

Malt is made by allowing a grain to germinate, after which it is then dried in a kiln and sometimes roasted. The germination process creates a number of enzymes, notably alfa-amylase and beta-amylase, which will be used to convert the starch in the grain into sugar. Depending on the amount of roasting, the malt will take on dark colour and strongly influence the colour and flavor of the beer. Breweries buy malt and this is not a process that is done in-house.

The malt is crushed in a malt mill to break apart the grain kernels, increase their surface area, and separate the smaller pieces from the husks. The resulting grist is mixed with heated water in a vat called a "mash tun" for a process known as "mashing". During this process, natural enzymes within the malt break down much of the starch into sugars which play a vital part in the fermentation process. Mashing usually takes 1 to 2 hours, and during this time various temperature rests (waiting periods) activate different enzymes depending upon the type of malt being used, its modification level, and the desires of the brewmaster. The activity of these enzymes convert the starches of the grains to dextrines and then to fermentable sugars such as maltose.

A mash rest at 104 °F or 40 °C activates beta-glucanase, which breaks down gummy beta-glucans in the mash, making the sugars flow out more freely later in the process. A mash rest from 120 °F to 130 °F (49 °C to 55 °C) activates various proteinases, which break down proteins that might otherwise cause the beer to be hazy. But care is of the essence since the head on beer is also composed primarily of proteins, so too aggressive a protein...
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