Bed Bug Invasion

Topics: Bedbug, Deltamethrin, Hemiptera Pages: 4 (1045 words) Published: March 4, 2011
Running head: PHASE 4 IND. PROJECT

Bed Bug Invasion
Richard Pardue
Colorado Technical University

Eng 112-1003B-59 English Composition 2
William Cramer

   Bed bugs are creatures have endured our climate for hundreds of years; however the infestations are getting more severe. Bed bugs can affect anyone at any given time. Some people are allergic to bed bug bites, that's how people usually know they have an infestation People who are allergic to the bites will experience large welts around the effected areas, with intolerable itching. The one thing a lot of people don't understand is that this little pest is nocturnal and feeds on human blood at night, usually while you are sleeping. My position on this matter is to get a handle on this issue, even if it means getting the government involved to help fund this crisis.  

Pertracca, Laura (2010).In this article from USA Today. Explains where Bed bugs are the most common problems, hotels theatres, cubicles, ect...(Example)Last week a movie theater in New York was infested, a lady was bitten multiple times; she realized they were bed bug bites because of the severe itching and the welts they produced. When she complained the movie theater manager confirmed her allegation and told her they did have a previous infestation. How many people actually gave these little guys a ride home and a place to eat with a nice comfortable bed to sleep in? Bed bugs can be transferred through luggage on an airplane, a bus, a train, well you get the picture. The most common way to transport these pests is to contract them from a hotel room bed, (scary huh).  

                        Most people are misinformed about this insect, they might think that it is from living in filth; on the contrary, any one at any given time can contract bed bugs and bring them into their homes without their knowledge. According to Berger, Noah...
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