Bed Bath and Beyond vs. Linens'N Things

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.Management theory & principles
November 20, 2011

Bed Bath & Beyond VS. Linens ‘n Things

The two companies I have chosen to research and dissect on why one has had great success and one has had great failure are Bed Bath and Beyond and Linens ‘n Things. When looking at both companies they seem to be similar to one another with the items they sell, the store layout and policies so why it that one failed and one is still standing. Managements job is to oversee others so their activities are completed efficiently and effectively. After looking into these two companies there seems to be some underlying reasons why. Linens ‘n Things was introduced in 1975 and has been providing high quality home textiles, housewares and decorative accessories. In late 2008 the original Linens ‘n Things declared bankruptcy and closed all its physical stores in North America. A new Linens ‘n Things was launched online at that provides a one-stop shopping experience for customers with convenience. I am going to be focusing more on what went wrong from a management standpoint with having to close all stores and filing for bankruptcy. I feel that due to lack of planning, and setting goals, establishing strategies and developing plans to coordinate activities that the managers for the company are responsible for the underachievement. When Linens n’ Things numbers where high and everything was running smooth is when the company should have be planning different goals and strategies that would help them gain a completive edge against the competition and set themselves up as a leader in the industry. The second function of management is organizing which is as important as any of the four steps of management. When you organize you have to determine what actually needs to be done and how it will be done and who is to do it. They should have been setting up ways to stand apart from the competition instead of following them in all ways and don’t to the same...
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