Becoming a Vet

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Being a vet interest me because it is my life goal to become a vet and co-own a vet clinic, make a life for my family and myself, to make a difference in my community, and to provide the expert care that animals need.

Since I was young, one of my life goals was to be a Vet and one day co-own a vet clinic. I have grown up in a household that loves animals. We have had so many animals in our house it was practically a zoo. From my ducks to my gerbils, and dogs to cats. I loved them all the same.

In time I would like to own a vet clinic. By owning a clinic I can open a door for many more opportunities. I can be noticed for my work and my care for providing animals with what they need. My clients can recommend me to others that might need their pet checked on. And if business will go like I hope to plan, I can make my business bigger.

Becoming a vet can help me provide for myself and my family. My family has spent years providing for me and to be able to return the favor would mean so much to me. Having the income of a vet can provide many things my family will need. I would finally be able to give my family what they deserve. I can provide a better life for myself and my family.

I can make a difference in my community by providing people with a different option when it comes to animals or their pets. I would be able to provide a second chance to an animal in need. I can tell a family good news about their pet when they think there is no hope. Being able to give a second chance is worth everything. I could try to make whatever community I’m in a better one.

Seeing animals in bad shape is a devastating site. If I became a vet, I could provide expert care that animals need to make sure they are taken care of and can try to have the best life possible. The way I look at it is that animals are people to, and deserve to have a chance in life just like we do. Day to day we have needs to help us survive, just as animals do. Being able to provide that amount of...
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