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Becoming a Teacher

  • November 2008
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Becoming a teacher / choosing a non-teaching profession (after completion of my studies at the Faculty of Education) - factors that motivate/discourage me.

After my studies, as a fresh graduate from Pedagogical faculty, I will be in a difficult situation. I will have to make an important decision about my future career. As a matter of fact, there are two possibilities to choose from and none of them is ideal. In case I will decide to become a teacher, I will encounter problems with low wage, face difficulties due to Czech education system reform or accept that the teaching is extremely mentally exhausting occupation. On the other hand if I choose to enter the career in another sphere, it will be difficult for me to adjust my qualification to demands of my new employment and I will have to undergo another time-consuming professional training. Moreover, it would be wasteful not to use knowledge and capabilities acquired during the studies. As far as I know, most of the students decide to choose the second option and leave the idea of becoming a teacher behind. It is difficult to find young, fully qualified teacher at Czech schools nowadays. The first reason is certainly an unsatisfactory financial situation in all educational spheres. In the Czech Republic and other post-communist countries, where political and economical systems are being transformed, politicians do not jeopardize their voter’s popularity by investing more money from budget into sections with such a long-term investment return. As a result teachers suffer from low wages and consequently their social prestige gradually decreases. Furthermore, the lack of financial resources does not allow equipping schools with adequate learning aids. More money is also needed to put into a research in the educational field to provide serious results for initiating the effective transformation of educational system. Another reason could be that the teaching profession is extremely mentally exhausting....

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