Becoming a Soccer Player

Topics: Association football, Game, Dribbling Pages: 3 (1193 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Robert Gutierrez
Becoming a great soccer player
If you like soccer and you want to be a really good soccer player. You have to do some steps. Soccer is not only a game of skills and tactics but a game of fitness as well, to be a good soccer player you must practice and play all year round. The first step is to try out for a local club team, if you are not already on a team, depending on your ability will dictate what clubs you will be able to play for. Secondly, work on your ball skills to be a high level soccer player. You should be practicing by yourself and with friends; either in your backyard or an open field. The following are the things you should work on: juggling, although it is not directly use in the actual game of soccer, being a better juggler will improve your touch and overall comfort with the ball. Dribbling, the basic dribble is a “lace shop” dribble. The toe point down and then shop at the back of the ball. This keep the ball close to use and allows us to move quickly without kicking the ball. Practice dribbling on a thirty yard area, dribble with your laces using both feet. the third step is to work on different aspects of fitness to be a fit soccer player. There are three main aspects you should work on. These are conditioning(endurance), speed, and strength. But first you need to start your soccer work out by doing light jog to warm the muscles up. This is followed by a dynamic(active) stretching of your muscles. Stretching is especially important for the optimal performance of your body. The warm up is an area of sport that is most commonly overlooked when it comes to performance enhancement training. A good soccer warm up meets three important objectives; Decreases the risk of injury. Increases agility, skill, power and performance. Allows players to mentally prepare and focus on the game or session at hand. Warming up and stretching the active muscles in soccer can decrease the risk of strains, sprains and muscle tears....
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