Becoming a Servant Leader

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“Becoming a Servant Leader: The Personal Development Path” Servant leadership places the development and growth of subordinates and the broader organization over and above the leader’s opportunities for personal gain and self-promotion. A servant leader realizes that the true effectiveness of any manager is in giving each subordinate the guidance necessary to achieve their total potential, contribute both to the organizations goals, and attain their personal goals at the same time. A servant leader puts these developmental goals and objectives for each subordinate above their own, choosing first to serve and grow others they are responsible for. In this sense, a servant leader is also a steward, or a person who looks out for the welfare of all those they are responsible for over their own self-ambitions. The ultimate goal of the servant leader is to guide, develop, nurture and provide the necessary foundations of support for each subordinate so they can attain their potentials while at the same time growing in the responsibilities of their jobs. This developmental nature of servant leaders is the most effective when these unique leaders look for the intersection of a jobs needs and the abilities of the people working for them to excel at those specific jobs.

I am learning that being a leader entails, not only leading others, but also guiding them and then stepping back and letting them excel. In which the leader is exceling, too. I felt that the reading is helpful to those that are open to that type of leadership skills. For others this type of skill may be the wrong method for them. The ones who are open to leadership this way not only help in the “now” but also are helping themselves in the end with dedicated and devoted employees who are happy to work with you because of the guidance and support that has been given to them in the past.
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