Becoming a Registered Nurse

Topics: Nursing, Academic degree, Bachelor of Science in Nursing Pages: 2 (401 words) Published: October 14, 2010
Nowadays, most of the jobs in the field of health care are occupied by registered nurses. These registered nurses are responsible for allocating work to the junior nurses, and authorized practical nurses, and evaluating it. You need to have college education whether bachelor's degree, master's degree, or associate's degree in order to be able to earn twice as much as a school graduate. There are various online nursing schools which can help you to provide the right education to become a RN. Let us discuss what you could expect from a good online nursing school.

In order to become a RN, you need two years of higher education. When you have got the Associate's nursing degree; you will be authorized to give the exam in order to get the license as a RN. This exam is known as National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses, which is famous as NCLEX-RN. There is another test which is NCLEX-PN administered to vocational and practical nurses. These tests mainly covers the comprehension, ability, aptitude which make sure that you are qualified enough to enter the field of nursing.

This course work will comprise of different areas. These are - psychology, pharmacology, medication administration, human growth and development, anatomy, physiology, chemistry, nutrition, microbiology, biology, Nursing theory, legal issues and ethics, structures most of the classes. There will also be clinical parts of the training too, where you will be helping other nurses to obtain the skills of working along with the patients.

There are numerous locations where you can work as a RN. You can work in the hospital, and there are various chances to do so in the hospital which comprises of labor and delivery rooms, outpatient offices, intensive care, recovery and operating room, and emergency room. The other sites where you can work as a registered nurse includes different nursing homes, schools, patient's homes, workplaces, various camps for children and homeless people,...
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