Becoming a Doctor Speech

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  • Published : October 3, 2012
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When walking into a hospital most people feel squeamish and uncomfortable. For me I have the feeling of belonging and home. I can remember the exact time when I decided to become a doctor. I was only eight years old and I was visiting my grandpa who had just had a life risking surgery and came out the other end okay. At this age I really don’t understand what all was going on. All I knew is the doctor had saved my grandpa, and I had more years to spend with him. When I walked into the room the doctor was standing over my grandpa and they were both laughing. That very moment I knew I wanted to become a doctor. I wanted to be the person that would allow a young girl to have more years with her grandpa. I want to help change the world one patient at a time. The road to becoming a doctor can be rough, but the outcome outweighs the struggle needed to get there. The duties of a doctor vary from one kind of doctor to the next, but all have a common denominator of taking care of the patient. First I will break down the exact process it takes to become and doctor. first step in becoming a doctor is to attend college. Many medical schools do not require a certain major, this means majoring in anything is accpetable, however, majoring in science is strongly recommend. This is why I am currently a cell and molecular biology major.

The next step after college is medical school. Medical school application process is long, hard, and even costly. When applying to medical school, one must first take the Medical College Admission Test, also known as the MCAT. According to the American Association of Medical College, the MCAT is a standardized multiple choice exam designed to assess the test takers problem solving, critical thinking, and knowledge of science concepts and principles. Thousands of students apply to medical school every year, but only a handful of them actually get accepted. Last year 1686 students applied to Mizzou School of Medicine and only 104 were accepted....
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