Becoming an Ob-Gyn

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Tykeria Brown

Mrs. Davison

English 4

28 September 2012

Becoming an OB-GYN

Obstetricians and gynecologist is specialist that focuses on women’s health. They also provide medical care during pregnancy. People chose this career because they feel that this is where people would be most useful. Even though most people haven’t had any personal experience with this field of work it still seems interesting. OBGYN’ is a good career because of the responsibilities, the training and qualifications, and the salary.

As an OBGYN, responsibilities include performing annual examinations, collecting and documenting patient histories, and providing counseling on diet, hygiene, sexual health and disease prevention. Their usual patients include women, mothers and their babies. OB-GYNS work by their appointments and emergencies. They can perform some surgeries if necessary and I can also assign a patient to receive an x-ray. OB-GYNS may perform other duties, as well. Examples include collecting patients' medical information; responding to patients' requests or concerns, either in person or over the phone; refilling prescriptions; ordering and restocking medical supplies; and cleaning and maintaining exam rooms. These duties are more common for OB-GYNS working in medical offices or clinics. (Job Responsibilities)

In order to become an OBGYN generally you must obtain a bachelors degree, earn a four year medical degree and complete a four year residency. They must obtain your bachelors degree and your medical degree from an accredited school. After this is obtained you must take a national exam and once they pass that they must apply for a license in the state they wish to practice in. This license usually does mot cross state lines. (Education-portal)

In order to affectively practice as an OBGYN one must have continuing education. Staying up on the latest trends and break-through to better do their job. Plus the more education...
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