Becoming an Entrepreneur

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Becoming an entrepreneur in Montreal, Quebec

By Cristian Ivan
Student ID: 6442501

Presented to
Zsolt Szigetvari

Marketing Department
Concordia University
1455 de Maisonneuve Blvd. W.
Montreal, Canada
H3G 1M8

Monday Nov 26th 2012
Business Communication section C
Fall 2012


Table of Figures3
Executive summary4
Purpose Statement5
Career requirements6
Academic Article6
Academic Book7
Discussion Forum8
Facebook Page9
Peer Reviewed Journal9
Tweeter Feed10
Charitable Organization10
Expert interview11


Canadian Entrepreneur Education in199715
Canadian Entrepreneur Education in 200215
Canadian Entrepreneur Education in 200716
Age of Canadian Entrepreneurs in 200416
Age of Canadian Entrepreneurs in 200717


The purpose of this report is to help me prepare for a career as an entrepreneur in Montreal, Quebec. Choosing entrepreneurship as a career involves knowing more than the product or idea you wish to commercialize, it requires skills on how to properly develop the product and sell it to interested customers. In order to obtain my information, while screening trough sources, I used a thought process consisting of asking myself what I would like to know. In the same domain there was; what do I need, how to start, and what to start. Then follows looking for the career requirements; being an entrepreneur does not require a specific set of knowledge, but going to school and obtaining higher education helps develop the entrepreneur’s nose for business,. The following are the links to my sources: * * *

* The findings are impressive, this career path is not easy and success is only visible after long hours, which add up to years of hard work, and only then the owner will have the satisfaction on self-fulfillment1,2. In order for that to happen, the beginning stages involve research and dedication to the idea of owning a company. Then, eventually, an idea comes up. This is one of the most important moments in which one must react quickly, make his place in the market, and fight for customers. This all originates from the “want” of becoming, which fuels the entrepreneur to work long shifts and fully commit to his project4. I would recommend, for students in my position to do the same assignment, which in return will help them determine if they are fit for the job. *


Working can be seen in many ways by employees; some see it as a source of revenue, others a source of social contact, and some, a necessary activity in order to live.

But one might wonder; in what ways can I break the chain of employment and become a self-sufficient employer. This issue is widespread and common in young demographics that wish to start their own empire and ride the big wave of entrepreneurship. In order for this wish to be accomplished, it requires long hours of work with low or almost no compensation, and the only thing that drives you is the probable eventual ownership of a small, medium or even, a large company.

One challenge, that many have to confront, is to make the first steps towards this career. In order to stimulate these steps, this report has been written to help me prepare becoming an entrepreneur in Montreal, Quebec, and, also, all those in the same position as I.

This research report contains; the academic requirements for the...
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