Becoming an Adolscent

Topics: Love, Thought, Knowledge Pages: 2 (688 words) Published: January 6, 2012
Childhood to adolescences
Eventually, everything has to change. Whether it is for the best or the worst is to be determined. In this short story Steven becomes more realistic about the nature of breaking up and he also learns to consider the feelings of others. Steven gains a deeper understanding of himself and figures out who he wants to become. In “breaking up” by Susan Beeby and Paul Lima, Steven experiences a transition from childhood to adolescences. Steven’s view of being in a relationship is not realistic because he does not know what commitment entails. He attended his girlfriend’s birthday party, where he made her a cake and gave her a special birthday gift. His girlfriend said “when he gave me a gold band for my birthday, I thought our relationship was solid.”(Beeby and Lima 1) Steven did not recognise the sentimental values a ring has for a girl. He did not think about the commitment he just made to her, resulting in a very immature choice. Steven is now seeing his ex-girlfriend not acting like she is upset or mad about him breaking up with her. She is not giving him the satisfaction that he craves for. Steven than proclaimed “and every time I saw her afterwards- laughing with her friends, but looking at me with icicle eyes- I almost gagged on what I said.”(Beeby and Lima 1) He is now taking more accountability for his actions. Steven is realizing he should have never made a commitment when he was not ready because it hurt him more in the end. He started out making immature decisions and he made progress through the story by taking more responsibility for the actions he chooses. In addition to that, Steven takes more steps to becoming more of an adult. Steven gets the opportunity to understand how to respect others feelings. His girlfriend was expressing how their relationship was not perfect. “the romance did have its weaknesses, Steven would sometimes break our date”(Beeby and Lima 1) said his girlfriend. Steven did not take into consideration...
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