Become a Vegetarian

Topics: Meat, Ethics of eating meat, Vegetarianism Pages: 3 (522 words) Published: May 3, 2011
Become a Vegetarian!
Shatia Davis

General Purpose: To persuade.
Specific Purpose: Today, I will persuade you why you should become a vegetarian. Thesis statement: I will tell you first where some meat really comes from; second I will tell you how some animals are slaughtered; lastly I will try to persuade you to become a why vegetarian.

* Attention-getter: How many people in here eat meat? Well I’m sure some of you can't imagine a day without meat, that’s why I’m here today to persuade you to become a vegetarian.

* Audience motivation: Some of the benefits of being a vegetarian is you can have healthy life, skin, and more energy and can also lower your blood pressure. Depending on you religion its helps you know you inner self.

* Credibility: I’ve been a vegetarian for four years now, my father been a vegetarian for seven years, and I also obtained some information from a website by the name of “How to become a” also a book that my father has can’t tell you the name for religious purposes.

* Thesis
-Purpose: Today, I will persuade you to become a vegetarian. -Preview: I will begin by telling you were some meat really comes from, second I will then tell you the slaughter the animals go through, lastly try to persuade you to become a vegetarian.

I. First, where your meat comes from?(No one really knows) A. Meat
1. Farms
2. Slaughter houses

(These animals are feed chemicals to make them grow faster then what it really takes, so that they can be killed and sold.)

II. It’s time to tell you what happens in slaughter houses. A. Once they arrive
1. Placed in small pens
2. Killed
3. Skinned
4. Sold

(Now let’s talk about why I think you should become a vegetarian)

III. Why you should be a vegetarian
A. Why meat isn’t good for you
1. Meat can cause heart disease, cancer, and infections
2. Cows are giving hormones what causes cancer
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