Bechtel Power Corporation's Use of Objective Welding Tests

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Bechtel Power Corporation's Use of Objective Welding Tests

Objective tests measure both your ability to remember facts and figures and your understanding of materials and procedures.

I believe that this case is not based on race. Mr. Ligon was hired based on his testing qualifying him to perform more difficult welding procedures, AT-LH. The reason why he was required to retest is because he improperly prepared a weld. The retesting was provided by the corporation and retesting and training was done to assist Mr. Ligon in order to pass the test. If race was the motivating figure in his initial layoff, training would not have been provided. He would have just gotten released.

Bechtel Power Corp. made the layoffs because of a general reduction of the workforce. Layoffs in this type of service industry are common when the available work starts to slow down. When making effective managerial decisions, the worker who does not perform up to their required level or above is eligible for termination. Since Mr. Ligon was hired for a high level welding position, which includes more pay, and working as a lower lever welder, he fell into the category of employees who were eligible for the cut.

Bechtel was losing money and would have continued to lose money had they kept Mr. Ligon on its payroll, the cost of training and having an extra A-LH when the company is short of AT-LH welders.

Bechtel rehired Mr. Ligon in September; this showed that his race was not a motivation for his previous termination. Welding is a dangerous job and constant training and updating is required to make it a safe and productive workplace/ environment. Bechtel is contractually bound to ensure that its welders were qualified and that all welding performed on the job compiled with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers Code. This means that Bechtel can be sued, fined and/or have its license revoked if it does not follow the code.

I believe the Bechtel is a company who cares...
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