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  • Published : April 14, 2013
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Descriptive Essay Beach

Everyone has that one place where they know they can always go to escape all the pressures and worries of life. For me the beach is the cure for all of my problems. In times of stress I know the beach will always calm even my biggest of worries. In times of sadness the warm soothing sand can wipe away any tears. In times of happiness the rough salty waves celebrate along.

The beach is like a best friend, it will never betray me, leave me, nor hurt me. As I lounge in my chair next to the sparkling ocean, basking in the sun, I wonder… what in life could be better than this? I feel the warm comforting rays of the bright sun beating down on me. The never-ending sunlight wraps me in a tight blanket and comforts me like nothing else can. While I am laying there, everything I am worried about, like school work, friends or cheerleading seems to be just a small speck of sand among the huge dunes.

But even better than relaxing in the sun, is swimming among the rolling waves. I evenly stroke my arms and swim deeper and deeper until I am out so far that the waves just seem to roll right over me. My toes search for the sandy bottom but cannot find it. This is when I am the happiest. I just float, and enjoy feeling the glistening sun beat down on my blistering face. I let the calm waves take me, but I am not afraid because I know my friend the ocean will protect me and keep me safe from any harm. I feel as if I could just stay right there in the ocean forever, just happy to be in the warm sea.

As I climb out of the breaking waves to reach the beach, the cool air hits my skin and makes me dash for the hot sand. As I lay in the warm sand I smell the sweet aroma of the salt water. I hear the sound of the squawking seagulls hovering over the nearby children willingly feeding them their chips. For some reason, the loud sound is soothing. It is like a harsh but familiar lullaby that helps me drift away into a much-needed nap. When I slowly wake...
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