Because I Could Not Stop for Death

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  • Published : May 7, 2006
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Because I Could Not Stop For Death
In "Because I could not stop for death" by Emily Dickinson, The speaker is talking about how she is immortal and cannot die. She experiences the knowledge of what it feels like to be alive. She yet goes on and on about her not being able to die due to her being some sort of an immortal being.

The first stanza is saying that the speaker could not bring her self at any means to die. She cannot die so she goes on a trip to see life. As she continues to say that she is immortal, the next stanza she is has put off all means of life behind. The next stanza the speaker goes on to see kids at recesses and "We passed the fields of grazing grain." The next stanza contradicts what she has been talking a bout. She says that instead of her passing death she is passing it. It then turns out that its getting colder. She also talks about how her gown is her only "tulle." The third stanza she passes a house that seams eerie to my taste. The final stanza states that it has been centuries since that day she had not stopped for death.

I think the general tone for the selection is death. She wants to die yet she cannot. She gives an example of what it feels like being immortal. In the first paragraph she says that because she could not stop for death he kindly stopped for me. She gives a tone of death.

In the poem sound devices are used one of them being a repetition. In lines eleven and twelve It says "We passed the grazing grain." (Dickinson) It also says that "We passed the setting sun."
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