Because It Is Running by

Topics: Avenged Sevenfold, Carpe diem, Prison Pages: 3 (983 words) Published: January 27, 2012
Because It Is Running By – 2. Delprøve
“This is Edie, Wil, said his mother. She’s going to be helping me out. […] When was this decided? he said.” Edie meets Wil, opposites meet. In Because It Is Running By these two main characters, Wil and Edie, meet when Wil’s mother hires Edie to help out with some chores. As the first quote might allude to, Wil is not very happy with Edie coming into his life. Eventually Wil seems to accept Edie as they spend some time together and get to talk. One thing leads to another and one day Wil invites Edie out and buys her a drink. When Wil realizes that Edie is leaving soon, he accuses his mother of throwing Edie out of the house. Edie is heading for Marrakesh, Morocco and, as the text ends, Wil is with Edie and Wil suggests that he could go to Morocco.

Wil is a young man who is not in his teenage years anymore. He lives with his mother and has probably done so most of his life. We know that he has never left Great Britain and, at this point, the only woman in his life is his mother. We don’t know much of Edie’s past. We only know of where she is now and where she’s going. These two main characters have completely different approaches to life. Edie is staying with his mother where everything is safe, while Edie dares to enter new areas unknowing of what will happen.

“Never been abroad. Never been on an aeroplane. I’m just a fucking peasant.” “Don’t do that, she said.” “I seen you thinking it, he said. With your Pernod and your fancy accent” […] “I think you are where you are.” I think this is a very interesting dialogue between Wil and Edie, which gives us some idea of who our main characters are, especially Wil. Wil is very much aware of his lifestyle, within the safety borders, and the dialogue might indicate that he is somewhat ashamed of it. When later, he says that “I could go to Morocco”, he is probably fascinated by Edie and her way of life. He wants to see what happens if you leave the comfort zone. All in...
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