Because It Is Running by

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Because It Is Running By
By Jo Lloyd
Times go by and whether you like it or not. A fact is that some things remain while others die. It is an unwritten law about living, but the changes can still be a shock to many people who thought they had their lives planned. It is simply because time is running by. “Because It Is Running By” is written by Jo Lloyd in 2009 and the story deals with the young man, Wil who has to realize that the times are changing and the bubble he has lived in has burst. The story has a 3rd person narrator who has a limited omniscient point of view with focus on the main character Wil. The narrator knows the whole story of Wil and the other characters and what there has taken place earlier on. We do not get inside of their heads in connection with deep feelings and thoughts. Instead the narrator makes comments and uses many flashbacks to build up the story. This gives the reader an opportunity to think about the direct and indirect information which is given instead of just letting it past though. The novel consists of many dialogs which float in with the text because they are not put in quotation marks. That almost makes the whole novel one big conversation with the narrator as the mouthpiece. In spite of the many flashbacks is the story chronological and starts in medias res on the arrival of Edie and ends with her leaving when the summer is over. The scene is set in the country in England. Edie has arrived to help Wil and his mother for the summer at their farmstead where they drive a bed and breakfast. After the family has lost the father to throat cancer has it only gone downhill at the farm and it has turned more into a bed and breakfast. The mother says: “The B&B’s the only thing making money” (p. 1, l. 8). Wil has taken over the agriculture after his father and has a dream of having success with it. Therefore he thinks that it is stupid to hire Edie as a maid at the B&B with the little money they have. He frowns at the girl from the...
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