Beauty vs. Snow

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  • Published : February 14, 2013
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Rohan Shah
Mr. Pierce
Grade 9 – English-Honors (Pd. 5)
October 12, 11
Parallels Between a Fairy Tale and Reality
Who would have predicted that a fairy tale written long ago could set the paths for events, which transpire in reality? The anonymously written, renowned romantic fairytale, Beauty and the Beast influences Paul Gallico’s writing of the short story, The Snow Goose, and so they have several similarities. Both stories draw parallels through their main female characters, male characters, and themes. Though the female characters are similar, they definitely developed the most throughout the book. Beauty, from Beauty and the Beast, and Fritha, from The Snow Goose, resemble each other in both inner and outer beauty. The character, Beauty is absolutely breath taking. Beauty has a wonderful personality, but is also one of extreme jubilance. On top of a good personality, Beauty is also blessed with good looks. Beauty worked hard to carry out the daily household chores during the economic hardships, rather than complaining, which shows how understanding and grateful and compassionate she is. Beauty used her great traits to help out Beast, who required love unconditionally, regardless of his outer shell. Beauty’s character influenced The Snow Goose’s Fritha. Fritha was described as very beautiful, with flawless qualities and a perfect personality. For example, she adopted the snow goose as her own after seeing it wounded. After seeing all the good deeds Rhayader is doing for the birds, she comes to realize what a great person he is, regardless of his ugly appearance. Surely, the development of Fritha in Paul Gallico’s short story was influenced by Beauty’s character. Besides the female characters, the male counterparts also have a similar correlation. Beast and Rhayader also have similar qualities, which show how the writing was influenced. Beast’s ugly for causes him great loneliness and discomfort throughout his life. Beast just needs love...
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