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Topics: Inflammation, Acne vulgaris, Scar Pages: 1 (363 words) Published: February 16, 2009
Dimming Dark Underarm Circles {draw:frame} I have dark pigmentation under my armpits, so they always look dirty and hairy. I've tried cream bleaches, but they don't work. What should I do? Under-Eye Advice {draw:frame} The area around my eyes always looks dark and tired. What's up? {draw:frame} The likely reason that your peepers look pooped: The skin under your eyes is so thin, you can see the bluish blood vessels beneath it. "Fortunately, certain creams can be very effective in improving the thickness of skin under your eyes," says New Orleans dermatologist Mary P. Lupo. Look for formulas that contain powerful antioxidants like vitamin C, kinetin and soy, which help thicken collagen and hide the blood vessels beneath the tissue, and natural botanicals like sea algae, chamomile and cucumber, which firm the eye area and constrict the blood vessels so they're less noticeable. We like Philosophy Eye Believer, $30; Neutrogena Radiance Boost Eye Cream, $11.99; and Avon Anew Retroactive Repair Eye Serum, $18 -- all of which also contain particles that reflect light to give the impression of bright eyes. Pimple Scar Rx {draw:frame} Help! Every time I get a zit, I end up with a red mark on my face. They eventually fade away, but it can take weeks. What should I do? {draw:frame} It's not uncommon for a blemish to leave an unsightly spot in its place. And usually, the longer the blemish was there, the longer the red mark will linger or even develop into a permanent discoloration. So prevent postpimple problems by treating acne eruptions ASAP. "Avoid picking or squeezing the spot, which can cause inflammation and redness, and use a benzoyl peroxide-based product to dry out the blemish," says NYC dermatologist Diane Berson. We like Neutrogena On-the-Spot Acne Treatment, $6.49. If, despite your best efforts, a red mark still materializes, try using hydrocortisone every day for a week to get rid of it quickly. Try Cortaid Maximum Strength Ointment, $5.79. Also be sure...
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