Beauty Therapy Technical Skills

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Reflective assignment

Barnfield College Beauty Spa and Salon is well known for its qualitative and professional treatments as well as highly competitive prices. People like coming here because they are treated with more care and attention, and the treatments are performed more thoroughly than elsewhere.

Ms S was one of these regular clients who enjoy every minute spent in the Barnfield Salon. She decided to book a set of aromatherapy blend massages and the treatment described in this paper was the first one of this set.

Ms S arrived right on time and was waiting in the reception area. It is extremely important for the therapist to make sure that the client does not wait in the waiting area a moment longer than is rather necessary (Masters, 1988). Therefore I rushed to the reception to pick Ms S up and to escort her to the salon. We started a very friendly dialogue in order to get to know each other and to develop a warm and courteous relationship. It is extremely important to prepossess a client and to establish a trusted connection so that the further communications with the client (both verbal and non-verbal) and especially the first consultation are clear and mutually respectful (Jenkins, 2006).

Ms S was a very positive and energetic lady in her early forties and was very easy to talk with. She had had body massages before and was looking forward to the treatment. Despite the fact that she was already familiar with the whole process I still discussed the treatment, what it involved and the possible effects (e.g. dispelling any unrealistic expectations). Furthermore I had to find out about her medical history and whether there were any contra-indications to the treatment itself or any of the materials used, e.g. allergic reactions to any of the essential oils (Tucker, 2001).

Ms S sought aromatherapy blend massage hoping to improve the condition of her skin, detoxicate and also to lose weight as a part of her slimming program. She was not allergic to any essential oils to the best of her knowledge and did not have any medical conditions or operations which would prevent her from having a massage. Although she has been in the Barnfield Spa previously and was not nervous or tensed, I have tied to make her visit as comfortable as possible by creating a relaxing, cosy and soothing atmosphere; therefore I chose to perform the treatment in a separate room. It is not always possible to design a college’s treatment room and decorate it to the standards of the high street Spa salons, but the cleanliness and room’s temperature are of the utmost importance. Another vital thing is the therapist’s appearance and personal hygiene and it must always indicate the level of therapist’s professionalism and personal attitude (Martineau, 2006-2009).

Ms S appeared to be a friendly and open-minded person and she did not have any visible postural problems or skin conditions. She does not smoke and drinks not more than 1-2 units of alcohol a week. She tries to eat quite a variable and well-balanced diet but admits that sometimes confines herself to having just a quick snack whilst at work and occasionally does spoil herself with a take-away meal. She is divorced and lives with her teenager daughter. She works in a shop and describes her level of stress as low to moderate.

Ms S enjoys invigorating, toning and rhythmical massage style, thus I have chosen an intense massage routine with a lot of effleurage, petrissage (like kneading, wringing and thumb petrissage), percussion movements and frictions (like knuckling and circular) on the areas with cellulite or of client’s concern.

The medium selected for the treatment was the pre-blended Detox mix of the essential oils that are particularly effective at stimulating the circulation to the legs and the whole body (Beck, Hess and Miller, 2002).

It is important to stress that when performing a cellulite massage all the movements, even effleurage should be fast and vigorous with...
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