Beauty Salon Idea

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  • Published : January 4, 2012
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The Business Idea.
What is it that the business is going to do?
Summary decision/approach:
I am going to be opening up a beauty spa and salon in Bournemouth town centre. My beauty spa and salon will be offering a range of exclusive treatments and services which will include all of the normal services offered by other beauty salons like tanning, waxing, hair-styling, manicures, pedicures etc as well as offering a world-class unique sap experience which will include facials, body wraps, dry floatation, detoxifying mud wraps, revitalising Rationale:

There are a few beauty salons in and around Bournemouth town centre, but I believe that I have found a niche in the market as none of these salons combine beauty treatments with a spa experience. My beauty spa and salon will be called The Secret Beauty Spa & Salon and will be situated on Westover Road which I believe is an ideal location as it is close to the shops, beach, restaurants etc so it will get noticed and passersby will become more aware of it. Also it will be on the same road as designer shops so this will give my salon a prestige image. Evidence Summary:

Summary of the relevant parts of the marketing mix.
Summary of the business model that best represents the kind of business and its operations. An analysis of the current situation and context from which you are starting.

Your vision of the future, indicating time scale and how you will get there.

Key management issues you will deal with.

Key risks and how you will handle them.

Decisions about the way forward for you when you have achieved your vision.
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