Beauty Pageants

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  • Published : March 6, 2011
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Do beauty pageants serve purpose in society?

It’s a young girl’s dream of being crowned Mrs. World or Mrs. Universe. Many people participate in beauty pageants to become who they have dreamed to be. But they have different reasons why they want to be a winner of a pageant. One could be of fame and another could be for inspiring other people to be just like them. But, it could it also be a waste of time? One important question that people have is : Do beauty pageants serve purpose in society? Well, it could be both yes and no. I say yes because beauty pageants exhibit much of a person’s talent, confidence, and skills. Contestants prepare many years by taking lessons in speech, posture, make up and other skills to reach their expectations. Beauty pageants gives scholarships to participants which helps those who cannot afford colleges. They help we get ready for higher education. Also, cities are eager to have pageants mainly because they attract tourists and businesses. Most of all, winners of pageants inspire other people to follow their dreams, and be someone important in life. Meagen Winings won Miss Nebraska Teen USA in 2004 and she says “Pageants allowed me to challenge myself by stepping outside of my comfort zone,” she said. “They taught me to push myself and to always believe in myself.” Aishwariya Rai, also known as Miss World in 1994, later became a Bollywood actress. Now she even stars in Hollywood movies like Bride and Prejudice, and The Pink Panther2. A great change from a pageant winner into a Bollywood actress is a great achievement for her. This shows that pageants can help you be known to the world. I also say that beauty pageants don’t purpose in society . First of all it crushes the dreams and hopes of people who think they are not good looking. Their self-esteem then starts to get weaker. Pageants have a eating disorder system which is definetly a negative point. The money used to hold beauty pageants...
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