Beauty Pageants

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  • Published : March 19, 2013
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Having a child in a beauty pageant can have its pros and cons. One of the cons of having a child in a beauty pageant is they can have eating disorders. Why? Because of all the pressure they have on them. They have to be fit and be able to fit into their costumes . There is always a certain weight limit that the girls and sometimes boy have to be under. I feel like there shouldn't be a no weight limit. To just let people be themselves without no worries of how much they weight. And also it can make them feel bad about themselves. Judges might not know it but they can be causing severe problems to these kids self esteem. Just because they’re weight is over the certain specific range that it should be on doesn’t make them less pretty or talented as the other kids in the competition. They should be able to go out there and perform and have fun be themselves. Not have so much make up packed on their small little faces. And make them feel bad because of their certain weight.

Being in a beauty pageant can also cause identity disorders. You may be asking yourself how? Well having a child retire from many beauty pageants that they have attended they will slightly know how to act in the real world, outside of the pageant world. They are so used to having all the spotlight on them and having the attention of the audience and judges. That, thats all they know about. So when they come to conclusion that they are not in the whole pageant world they have a hard time adjusting to what's the normal cruel world. That no one is out there supporting everything they do or applauding every single thing they do, or having fans go support them at their shows. They not always know how to present themselves with everyone else that hasn’t experienced their life that they used to be part of.

These little girls and boys (because there is boys in beauty pageants) have a tendency to grow up way too quickly. We are talking about 4-10 year old little girls shaving, waxing,...
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