Beauty Pageants

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  • Published : March 3, 2013
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Imagine, being a little girl all done up like a Barbie doll, with a fake tan and fake nails. Imagine, being a little girl and not being able to nap after being awake for hours on end, for fear of disheveling your appearance. Imagine, being a little girl dressed up in a too-tight dress and high heels, prancing around on a stage for hundreds of people, being judged based on your looks. Imagine, being a little girl, standing with all of your opponents, and hearing the judges call the name of another little girl who won first place, watching all that you’ve worked for be placed in the perfectly manicured hands of someone else. Would you ever want to be put through this? Well, girls who are in beauty pageants deal with this and so much more every day. Put yourselves in their shoes. Beauty pageants are dangerous for the children involved and it is about time that these contests are stopped. It’s no secret that some of the contestants in these pageants have gone to extreme lengths to achieve perfection. We can see this with our own eyes if we watch Toddlers and Tiaras, in which the parents of these pageant children dress them up in skimpy costumes, as well as give them fake tans and pad their chests in order to win the judges’ votes. Some parents even go as far as making their child diet. This poses a controversy for beauty pageants: do they do more harm than good? This constant fight for perfection is nothing but detrimental for the contestants, and can give them extreme self-esteem issues later on in life. By dressing them up in ridiculous costumes and altering their appearance, you are teaching them that they need to be prettier, thinner, and sexier in order to be accepted, when in reality we should be teaching kids that they are beautiful the way they are. Also, these competitions sometimes sexualize young girls by forcing them to dress and act provocatively in order to impress the judges. What if a pedophile is watching from the audience? Parents are constantly...