Beauty Pageans Should Be Banned.

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  • Published : November 11, 2010
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Beauty Pageants. I believe beauty pageants are wrong for children. Beauty pageants were found in the 1920's for adults, and the 1960's for children. Beauty pageants should be banned because they set false rules on beauty, they can cause children to go through mental and physical health issues, and because children are sometimes forced into these pageants.

I believe they should be banned because they set false rules on beauty. They make children believe they have to wear make-up, jewelry, wigs, fake nails, and lots of other things to be beautiful. Beauty pageants send an outlook that children have to look a certain way to win the pageant. I believe no child is perfect. Every child is beautiful in their own way. Their beauty is natural, they shouldn't have to have anyone's opinion on the way they look.

Beauty pageants can cause serious mental and health issues. You usually see children broke down because of these contests. Pageants can lead to depression, anorexia, suicide, and many other serious issues. Most children might starve theirself to lose weight in order to be a certain size. This could lead to eating disorders. Beauty pageants can cause kids to go through depression, and so much depression may cause them to go suicide. For example, a six year old girl, who got made fun of from the media for being in a beauty pageant soonly comitted suicide because she couldn't take it. Not only could this cause depression or so on. It could cause problems with family and friends. Children shouldn't have to go through problems like that.

Children shouldn't be forced to be in pageants. Mothers, sometimes known as "stage moms" , take control of their daughters. Mothers try to live their dream through their children. A child's life is not their parents. They should get to live it. Children shouldn't get their lives tooken away from them. They only get one childhood, they don't get it back after it's done. Adult pressures is alot on children. Parents don't know the...
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