Beauty and the Beast: Summary

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  • Published : April 1, 2013
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Paragraph 2: Beauty and the Beast: Ravenn Triplett

Similar to Aladdin and Jasmine’s struggle against those who wished to separate them, Belle and Prince Adam, more notoriously known as “The Beast”, have to fight not only external, but internal prejudice and beliefs before their love can truly prosper. As the tale opens, Belle, the primary protagonist, discovers herself yearning for more than the boring peasant life that she leads. Yet, the social status quo constantly fights to keep her from the fate she wishes for. The adversary in the story, Gaston, who constantly badgers Belle to marry him simply because she, as he states, “ is the most beautiful girl in town” and symbolizes the embodiment of everything she abhors because of his superficial fixation with her physical appearance and chauvinistic tendencies. The witty, adventure-loving young woman fancies nothing of the life of the typical female during this time period, choosing instead to rebel against it by rejecting her conceited suitor on a regular basis. With her father, Maurice, incarcerated within the Beast’s enchanted mansion, his dearest daughter must choose between the existence she currently entertains and the adventure she craves from the very depths of her soul. Her fumble through the forest in a desperate attempt to save her father represents a fork in her road of sorts because one leads to the Beast and the other to the safety of her drab small town life. In risking the dangerous route and consequently veering away from everything she has ever known, Belle chooses to take control of her destiny and change not only her life, but also the lives of everyone around her. After saving Maurice from the mansion’s oppressive walls, Belle learns to live with her captor, who tentatively tries to win her affections in hopes that she will break the powerful curse that plagues him, while slowly learning not to judge the ghastly looking man on appearances alone. By living with the Beast, the familiar motif...
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