Beauty and the Beast Retelling with Artists Abstract

Topics: Marriage, Fairy tale, Rose Pages: 7 (2904 words) Published: March 22, 2013
Beau and the Beast
Once upon a time… in a land not unlike our own lived a widow who had three children, all sons. The eldest son, who was by far the most plain looking of the three, had magic in his hands for he was able to make even an acorn taste like a delicacy and this was the closest to magic that anyone has ever been. This son married a woman who would eat everything in sight and always asked for more for it made him feel good to know he would always be appreciated. The middle son was neither brilliant nor beautiful but he was able to find his niche in a construction industry where he became mighty wealthy and married a young most beautiful woman. She always appreciated his money and he always appreciated her looks so they were a couple that grew to truly love each other after a long time of marriage. The youngest son was by far the most complex of the three. Beau, the youngest son, was inexplicably beautiful, given education far beyond the years of his brothers and yet he is the only one who has not found love. Of course the women have tried, oh yes try they did, but he found an excuse each time. These excuses always made the woman feel as though they were the most beautiful person in the world and he was somehow able to reject every single woman who tried to get into his life without gaining the hate of a single one. All of his excuses worked time and time again but after so long his mother started questioning him as to why he would not even give a lady the time of day. So he began with “I do not wish to take upon another lady into my life when I have no intention of being married for I am happy with doing what I please when I please.” There was no way to convince him otherwise but to try and change his mind never left his mothers thoughts.

Months past and seasons changed but there remained no change with Beau. He continued to stay near his mothers side though she was not sick nor every truly alone. Her happiness remained of the upmost importance to Beau for without her, who would he be?

The holiday season came upon them and the family gathered for an annual dinner. Now, the eldest and the middle sons were not all bad but sometimes they lacked the caring nature that Beau possessed in amounts enough to share.

“Look Beau, you listen hear,” The eldest son began, “Find the first woman who admires the skills you have, for she will never leave your side and will be your biggest fan.”
“No, no, Beau do not listen to him.” The middle son interjects “Find a woman who loves you for your possessions for without them she would be nothing and that will ensure she never leaves.”
Upon hearing his brothers’ unbearable advice Beau distanced himself from the adult conversations to the conversation the eldest sons young daughter was having with Beau’s mom, who looked utterly entranced in what the girl was telling her.

“She told me about a mansion on a hill outside of a forest just outside of the city that had a rose bush which held the most beautiful roses in the world! She said that if a man picked a rose from there and gave it to the woman he loved she would be his forever!”

“Honey, what are you talking about? Who told you this story?” The child’s mother, who also tuned in for the last portion of the story, said.
“Mama, the old woman! Just earlier today when we stopped at the market on the way here.” The child replied.
“Hush child, there was no woman, you are just making things up again.”
Although Beau brushed it off as a child with an imagination his mother did not. A feeling that it was something more arose in her and she was determined to find out where this place was. The next morning after a quick goodbye to Beau she began to make her way on the outside of the city where she came across an old lady sitting by herself. Feeling lucky she decided to ask the old woman if she had ever heard of such a tale.

“Why yes my good lady I have. The bed of roses you speak of is just a short stroll through the forest...
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