Beautiful Words for Gre Writing

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【第一推荐】英文论文高级替换词,让你的文章“亮”起来 1. Big: gigantic, massive, colossal, enormous, immense, gargantuan, tremendous, titanic, giant, vast, large, huge, monster, bulky,
2. ->many: numerous, myriad, infinite,
3. ->forever (adv): infinity, eternal, timeless, everlasting,undying, endless, changeless, perpetually…
4. Small: minimum, diminutive, minute, petite, wee, undersized, teeny, tiny, little, petite (女子身高娇小)
5. Good: marvelous, fabulous, gorgeous, spectacular, outstanding, distinguished, remarkable, superb, incredible, unbelievable, out of this world, magnificent, charming, stunning, fantastic, terrific, excellent, great, wonderful, amazing, awesome 6. Bad: awful, terrible, dreadful, defective, faulty, imperfect, inadequate, poor, substandard, unsatisfactory, harmful, damaging, deleterious, detrimental, hurtful, ruinous, unhealthy, evil, immoral…

7. Clever: brilliant, knowledgeable, intellectual, intelligent, excellent, bright, smart 8. Happy: delightful, delectable, elated, glad, overjoyed, pleased, jubilant, merry, joyful, 9. Beautiful: charming, charismatic, attractive, gorgeous, pretty, endearing, sweet, adorable, eye-catching, handsome, hot, cute, good-looking, lovable, engaging… 10. Fast:swift, quick, rapid, speedy, hasty, nippy, like lightning, 11. +hurry (v): hustle, rush, make haste, tear, step on it, dash, get a move on, step on it, scoot.

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12. Easy: simple, effortless, no trouble, painless, plain sailing, uncomplicated, undemanding, unproblematic, a piece of cake (informal), child’s play (informal),… 13. Clear: obvious, apparent, blatant, comprehensible, conspicuous, distinct, evident, manifest, palpable, plain, pronounced, recognizable, transparent, intelligible, lucid, plain, understandable, uninvolved, simple, …

14. Direct: bald, basic, frank, naked, plain, sincere, stark, straightforward, candid, forthright, outspoken….
15. Difficult: hard, tricky, complicated, complex, intricate, involved, knotty, perplexing, puzzling, thorny…
16. Angry: annoyed, cross, displeased, enraged, exasperated, incensed, infuriated, irate, mad (informal), livid (informal), berserk, outraged, resentful... 17. Dangerous: perilous, breakneck, chancy (informal), hazardous, insecure, precarious, risky, unsafe, vulnerable

18. Think (that): hold the (opinion/ belief/ position/stand point/idea) that, assume, believe, deem, reckon, argue, maintain, suppose, conceive, insist, be convinced, to my knowledge, personally, from my personal perspective, as far as I am concerned, from my point of view, from my angle, consider, conceive, perspective... 19. Show: convey, reveal, express, corroborate, justify, imply, verify, clarify, signify, exemplify, illuminate, substantiate, demonstrate, elucidate, denote, characterized as, instruct, display, disclose, indicate, means, explain, give an/a example (reason, explanation) of, bear out, point out, point toward…

20. Know: realize, comprehend, identify, distinguish, discern, notice, perceive, recognize, 有任何问题或建议请联系 或QQ183381688
see, understand, figure out, be acquainted with, be familiar with, 21. Get: acquire, attain, acquire, achieve, obtain, gain “学习” 不用learn 22. Suggest: have a proposal in,
23. Increase: magnify, expand, proliferate, mushroom, improve, enhance, advance… 24. Impress: affect, inspire, engrave on, imprint of,
25. Influence: impact, affect, guide, sway,
26. Stop: halt, cease, conclude, desist, end, pause, put an end to, quit, refrain, shut down, terminate…
27. Make: create, assemble, built, construct, form, manufacture; fore, cause, compel, constrain, drive, impel, induce, oblige, prevail, upon, require… 28. Give: present, award, contribute, deliver, donate, grant, hand over, hand out, provide, supply

29. Break:separate, burst, crack, destroy, disintegrate, fracture, fragment, shatter, smash, snap
30. Destroy: ruin, raze, annihilate, crush, demolish, devastate, eradicate, shatter, wipe out, wreck,...
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