Beautiful Tragic Love (Creative Writing)

Topics: English-language films, Love, 2007 singles Pages: 3 (1132 words) Published: March 23, 2013
g Beautiful Tragic Love
I never asked my life to be a FAIRY TALE or PERFECT, all I wanted was a normal life, and I didn't have a very happy childhood living with my parents as an only child. As I was growing up all my life it revolved around men, every time I would fall in love with one, they would leave me after 3 months. I was beginning to feel like a hopeless romantic just like my mum when my dad had left her when I was beginning to experiment with love. I felt cursed. I kept asking myself “WHY, WHY DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING TO ME??” All men are dogs! I am almost twenty one and I don’t know if the problem lies with me or my family, all I know is that I have given my parents so much problems and so much pain, I guess my life is a long journey and am finding myself in it everyday. My story began last summer of 2009; I could feel that there was something in the air that day. Birds were chirping, the wind was blowing leaving me shivers down my spine and everything felt so alive. I had been depressed for about a year before that day. I was walking along the beach with my bare feet buried in the sand and the waves of the sea crushing into my feet when my life started to take a turn for the best… From a distance I saw a handsome young man admiring me from far. Our eyes met and it was like nothing I had ever felt before with any of the men I had been with. It was something special. We began walking closer together like something out of a movie. I felt on top of the world for once, my eyes were sparkling and my stomach was fluttering with butterflies, as we walked closer and closer to each other. When we became close enough to talk about our personal lives, Will would get on his knee and speak my fluent language, French and say the most romantic things. At that point I knew he had my heart. We talked until 2.00 a.m. The next morning it turned out that he lives only about ten minutes from where I was living. We started seeing more of each other, Will begin to...
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