Beautiful Mind

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  • Published : September 5, 2011
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I.Demographic Data
Name: Patient X
Gender: Male
Birth place: West Virginia, USA
Educational attainment: Degree holder
School graduated: Princeton University
Occupation: Professor in Mathematics and Economics
Institution: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Princeton University
Marital Status: Married
Spouse: Alicia Larde

II.MSE Summary
Patient X appeared well-groomed and dressed appropriately to the settings, with good hygiene, an erect posture, and a rigid with some involuntary, uncoordinated motor movements. He is experiencing delusions about being an agent of the Pentagon and working there as a code breaker, hallucinations in which he sees his imaginary best friend and his niece and paranoid about being in danger because of quitting his unreal decoding job. He likes to focus more on work than being socially inclined that’s why he doesn’t develop friendship with others. He manifests obsession into math and devotes most of his time into it. He has difficulty handling situations like getting depressed easily whenever he or his work is being rejected. In some instances he is resistant to medication and treatment because it affects his relationship to his wife and his intellectual capacity.

III.Psychological Evaluation
The “unusualites” that Patient X showed are having no close friends, no family members, doesn’t interact with other people because he doesn’t like people and he thinks that they doesn’t like him too and that he would rather choose to work rather than be socially inclined, he has an imaginary friend with his niece, he has delusions of being a code breaker under Pentagon, he’s paranoid and he can’t handle rejection and falls into depression afterwards. These unusualities can be classified under social, emotional and, cognitive and behavioural and can be categorized under the following personality developmental theories: Interpersonal Developmental Theory of Sullivan,...
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