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Beautiful Mind

By | November 2012
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A Beautiful Mind
“A Beautiful Mind” is a film based on the life of John Nash who became a Nobel Laureate in Economics. John Nash won the Nobel Prize for his work on the “Game Theory”. The film begins in 1947 with the character John Nash beginning his college years at Princeton University. John’s first acquaintance that he makes at Princeton is his roommate Charles who seems to be the exact opposite of John. Charles seems to be more outgoing and less studious. Charles always seems to be trying to have a good time. Later John also meets Charles’ niece Marcee. As the story progresses John is invited to the Pentagon to crack encrypted codes of enemy telecommunications. While in the Pentagon John meets William Parcher who works for the United States for the Department of Defense. Parcher offers John a job to search for patterns in magazines and newspapers for a Soviet plot in the United States.

As John progresses in his search for Parcher he seems to become obsessed with the idea of a Soviet takeover of the United States government. John begins to save hundreds of newspapers thinking he is beginning to crack a secret code for the Soviets. As he feels that he is getting closer to the secret he begins to fear for his families’ lives. John is approached by a psychologist named Dr. Rosen and believes that she is a Soviet spy and attacks her in order for him to escape. Later John is caught and sent to a mental health facility; this is where Dr. Rosen asserts her analysis that John Nash is suffering from Schizophrenia. John seems to deny the truth and believes that whole mental health facility is a ruse and is actually a Soviet base where they are trying to extract United States government information. John finally realizes the horrible truth that he does suffer from Schizophrenia by realizing that Marcee never ages and she must be imaginary. John then starts to see that what he considered to be his life has actually been the symptoms of a schizophrenic.


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