Beautiful Island Formosa

Topics: Taiwan, Forbidden City, National Palace Museum Pages: 1 (340 words) Published: April 27, 2013
Where is the next place that you plan to visit? If it is still up in the air, I suggest that you should visit this beautiful island, Formosa. Long time ago, a person who came from Spanish went to the beautiful island, Taiwan, and he gave this island a name, Formosa. There are many things is very valuable to visit in Taiwan. Let me show you. First, what I want to show you is the National Palace Museum. There are much Chinese art and crafts in here, and its collections include ceramics, porcelain, and painting. You can see how people improve their life in the past, and it is also a "must-see" for foreign visitors. You need spend more than a half of day to visit this place, and you will crazy for the culture of Chinese. After visiting the National Palace Museum, you can take hot springs. There are many kinds of natural hot springs in Taiwan. Hot springs are a very healthy activity for people; they are good for our circulatory system, eliminating toxins, and improving skin diseases. If you don’t like hot springs contain sulfur, you can try hot springs contain baking soda. After taking hot springs, I will feel very well. Finally, what I want to show you is the snacks. There are more and more people go to Taiwan for its snacks. Many people in Taiwan come from China, and some of them come from North of China, and some of them come from West of China, so you can eat many kinds of snacks in night markets. You can eat some pan fried dumpling, bubble tea, and Chinese meatball. Don’t forget to eat Chinese sausage with a clove of garlic. It’s my favor food. In conclusion, when you come to Taiwan, you must try some snacks. I promise you will find many delicious snacks in here. Right now, making a plan to visit this beautiful island, and you will have unbelievable memory. After visiting this beautiful island, don’t forget to say Formosa.
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