Beautiful but Stupid and Ugly but Intelligent. Which One Do You Chose? Explain.

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  • Published : August 8, 2012
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Topic: Beautiful but stupid and ugly but intelligent. Which one do you chose? Explain. Everyone also wants to be beautiful and intelligent because these two aspects will give them a lot of good things in life. However, there are the two options which are beautiful but stupid and ugly but intelligent. In my opinion, the second choice is the final choice I chose with the two reasons: solving the problems easily, coming to success fast..

In the first place, there are lots of things to solve. And the intelligence can help you to solve them easily. For instance, when you in teenager, the first important thing is studying. And studying always needs intelligence. Surely, if you are not intelligent, it's difficult to solve Maths, Physics, Chemistry, etc. in school. Furthermore, hard is not enough, you need the intelligence to become the best student. Especially, you have done all things perfectly by your intelligence, ugly isn't a problem.

In the second place, having intelligence help you to make good business and come to success faster. The success is naturally the ugly. I think it's just intelligence and talent bringing them success. Moreover, success bases on the knowledge which they have studied for a long time. Maybe this thing supports for the first reason because studying is unlimited. And studying factor always needs the intelligence. In addition, ugly is not the worst thing because if you are successful, you can use the technology to make you beautiful. Actually, I don't against the choice which is beautiful but stupid. I just believe that beauty is not forever. On the other hand, it's also time for the beautiful to use the technology. And the intelligent know how to balance the best thing for them in using the technology to make them better.

To sum up, intelligence is really necessary in our life because they give us lots of good things such as success, fame, happiness and beauty.
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