Beau Monde

Topics: Love, Romance, Guilt Pages: 3 (563 words) Published: March 5, 2013
Beau Monde

Lady Lovely was a maiden fair
With emerald eyes and raven hair.
Her skin as dewy as an April morn
With jewels and gems she was adorned.
Her days were filled with pampering and praise
Life was leisurely in all know ways.
She never had to fret or stew
The inferiors knew just what to do,
To make her life be free of strain
From mental exertion she did refrain.
Her designer made the perfect clothes
To keep her chic from head to toes.
The cosmetic pro knew every diversion
To keep her “young” for each excursion.
Her glistening locks precisely coiffed
Any displeasure was quickly voiced.
Her manicure was always precise
Her necessities were her devise.
A zealous chef prepared nourishment
She ate without encouragement.
Her palace was kept immaculate
Not one assemblage emasculate.
Only frills a fluff in proximity
And her happiness an unanimity.
Although lavishness surrounded her
There was one thing she did prefer.
Sir Charming was her only cerebration,
Her only concern, her mentation.
She fell in love as he with her
But this romance could not occur.
A mishap was the pairs first meeting
And since that day their moments fleeting.
The briefest encounter held dear to heart
Thoughts of love ne'er depart.
She loved the sparkle in his eyes
Her love could be his great demise.
He smiled with enthusiastic delight
Each time her beauty came in sight.
Brief moments together were cherished treasures.
But the experiences were guilty pleasures.
He was the bravest in the land.
His commitment was to his high command.
Long ago he made a vow
And this Maiden he would disallow.
He knew not of this raven beauty
As he committed to his duty.
His service was always his dearest love
Now it's her he's in awe off.
Her mind is full of hopes and dreams
They can move on to better schemes.
To be his bride would bring delight
His love for her was never trite.
To join together til death a beyond
Was the desire of this beau monde.
Passion he...
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