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  • Published : May 6, 2013
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           Beatlemania & The British Invasion: Effects on Society

Beatlemania had a very large effect on society and the culture of America beginning in the 1960’s including the british invasion.  The beatles and the british invasion effected a whole generation of youth and also changed views of the music industry.  The beatles were an english rock band formed in Liverpool in 1960, and in 1964 they entered the United States & so the british invasion began. ”Case Western Reserve University. Case Reverse University, n.d. Web. 04 May 2013.”   No other band is likely to achieve the same level of success as the Beatles did, for several reasons.  In the past forty years there has never been a band that has stood out from the pack musically as much as the Beatles did.  In addition, the Beatles came along at a period in history that contributed to their success (discussed above).  Also, because today we have so many more choices, styles of music, and media outlets, it's quite unlikely that any one thing, band, or artist can capture the world's collective attention for any appreciable length of time.(Heisner)  The beatles effected a complete generation in the areas of’: clothing, style, hair, and especially music.  The music industry changed in many ways, their music was new and exciting and it changed the way people were feeling at that moment in history.  The beatles cheered Americans up with their music, since they showed up right after World War II, and John F. Kennedy had just been assassinated so America wasn’t in the best shape it could be in.  The Beatles gave dismarginalized teenagers in 1960 hope for something different after the war  had left the world with nothing. The Beatles made such an effect that it is now known as Beatlemania, something that took the world by storm after they got discovered in 1964 when their song I Want To Hold Your Hand became #1 overnight in America. It was practically impossible for the...
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