Beatles Help Song

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  • Published : April 25, 2013
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Luis Torres
The Beatles – Help!

Luis Torres
Prof. Ziawinski
MUL2380 10AM
23 March 2013
The Beatles performed a song called “Help!” that acted as the title song for their soundtrack album and the 1965 film. The song was released as a single with number one on the charts for three weeks in the United States and United Kingdom. The Beatles had used every possible style of music possible. The style was rock. The Beatles approach to music-involved parts of a lot of music. On one song, "Bungalow Bill", there is a beautiful classical guitar intro that leads into a rock and roll sound. On "Yesterday" George Martin thought that adding a classical string section would enhance the feel. You wouldn't look up the Beatles in the "Classical" section of your record store, but that's not to say that they weren't involved in using classical music. The records sent over seas from America originally influenced them. The record mainly written by John Lennon, but was attributed to Lennon-McCartney. “Help!” was ranked number twenty-nine on Rolling Stones’ list of “The 500 Greatest Song of All Times”. This composition is my favorite because it’s been longer then I have and it makes me in a better mood. When I need to do something or to motivate me I heard that song because it reminds me of Lennon trying to express his stress after the Beatles’ quick rise to success. In a interview Lennon had on “Lennon Remembers”, he mentioned that this was his favorite song he wrote but wished that they would of recorded it at a slower tempo. Another version that’s out there why the song was named “Help!” was because he supposedly came in from the studio one night, saying “God, they changed the name of the film so I’ve had to write a new song with the title called “Help!”

The composition of Lennon in this song is great. Shows lots of genuine work put into it, not just written to order. They have such energy to give to the public, wished I could see them live, a great era to...