Beating the Odds

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  • Published : February 4, 2013
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Throughout our lives we all encounter special people. My life was changed forever after meeting a woman very special to me. My best friend, Sara Dengel, was someone that has meant the world to me ever since the summer of 2000. At the time of her passing, Sara was twenty-five years old. Sara, although she lived a short life, she lived a very rewarding life. The impact that Sara had on many people’s lives was immense and immeasurable. Sara Dengel will never be forgotten because she had the innocence of a child, she always beat the odds, and she loved everyone she ever met. Sara Dengel was born into this world on June 2nd 1986. She was born with a genetic condition known as down syndrome. At the time of Sara's birth this condition was relatively unknown, and her future was up in the air. The doctors had no idea what her mental capabilities would be, and no one expected the impact that her initial "deficiencies" would make for many memorable moments for years to come. Unquestionably, Sara was born to a family who cared and loved her. Her mother became a stay at home mother just to care for her on a daily basis. Sara was the older of her two siblings. She Sara was a big protector, who cared for them more than anything. However as time went on, the other children aged both physically and mentally. Due to her condition, Sara always stayed at about the age of five in terms of her mental capacity. While most teenagers had already figured out the truth about Santa clause, Sara never stopped believing. Sara never stopped trying to figure out what she was going to receive from Santa Clause. She would always sit around the tree and violently shake her presents in order to try and figure out what she was receiving.

Each and every Christmas Eve, Sara would sit up and try to wait and see Santa Clause come in. Her family always had to be careful, because Sara was very alert and easily awakened by loud noises. So as they brought...
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