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  • Published: May 15, 2013
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as sitting in class with my best friend Jordan on Valentine’s Day. It was the last lesson of the day at Seaview University. I hadn’t gotten any Valentines gifts so I was feeling very unloved. The bell rang for the end of Uni and as I walked out of the building girls were running to their boyfriend’s car and receiving roses and chocolates, I on the other hand was boyfriendless. I walked slowly home with my head down. I walked up to the front doorstep of my house to find a dozen red roses. I was overwhelmed with excitement that someone might actually more than like me. I picked up the flowers and hurried inside. I heard something drop to the floor and looked back to see a little envelope laying on the floor with ‘Jamie’ written on the front. I couldn’t help but let out a squeal. All I was thinking was that I was going to find out who my secret admirer was. I walked inside and placed the flowers in a vase. I then opened the envelope; it read ‘Meet me at the beach’. ‘Who could this be from?,’ I wondered, ‘It must be my crush, Matt Dawson’. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and sent a text to Jordan; ‘I’VE RECEIVED FLOWERS FROM A SECRET ADMIRER I BET ITS MATT!’

He never replied to my text so I just assumed he was doing homework since he didn’t have a Valentine either. I got in my bikini and slipped my blue summer dress over the top and put on my sandals. I brushed my hair, grabbed my handbag shoved in my lip-gloss, phone and purse and ran out the door. I was so excited to finally be going out on a date with the biggest crush of my life. I was out of breath from running to the beach three blocks from my home. I was looking around for Matt but couldn’t see him anywhere. I sat down for around 30 minutes watching the sun set. It was beautiful. A deep voice reached me faintly. ‘Excuse me miss are you Jamie Grace?’ a stranger said as he tapped me on... Read Full Essay...
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